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Coast To Coast AM - April 16 2013 Control & World Events Feat. Alex Jones C2CAM



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Publicado el 17/04/2013
Coast To Coast AM - The Most Up-to-date Coast to Coast AM Archive is here. The Coast To Coast AM late night talk show hosted by George Noory with Ian Punnett, George Knapp, Richard Hoagland, Rob Simone, John B. Wells and Art Bell are the Coast To Coast AM hosts and will keep you informed late into the night. Past Guests include Richard Hoagland, Graham Hancock,John Lear, David Icke, Bob Dean, David Wilcock, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Jesse Ventura, Jim Marrs, David Corso, Chuck, Missler, Dan Burisch, Steven Greer, Bill Deagle, Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin.

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