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The Boston Bombing False-Flag Conspiracy





The Boston Bombing False-Flag Conspiracy

Evidence continues to accumulate across the internet from vigilant free-thinkers and conspiracy researchers proving that the Boston marathon bombing, just like the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings, just like 9/11 and 7/7, was a false-flag operation carried out by the government. I've compiled the following key bullet points, pictures and videos which completely blow open the mainstream media version of this event:

-The two suspect's backpacks aren't even the same color or design as the exploded backpack

-Two other men with the same color and design backpacks as the exploded backpack have been completely ignored by the "investigation" and mainstream media reports.  They are wearing wires, built and dressed like military, and wearing the logo of a private security firm (like Blackwater) called Craft.  Not only that, but one of them is on film running away from the explosion with his backpack missing!

-Several of the suspect's family members including their parents said they were being set-up and that the FBI had been controlling them for years

-The Boston Bomb squad was there at the marathon running bomb drills, just like 9/11, 7/7, Oslo, and other false-flags where they "coincidentally" just so happened to be doing terror drills.  This "simultaneous drill" excuse has been used again and again in false-flag operations

-The wheelchair double amputee victim "Jeff Bauman" has been positively identified as being Nick Vogt, an Afghan war vet whose legs were already blown off!

-Three of the same policemen at Sandy Hook have also been positively identified at the Boston bombing

-While being interviewed the Boston police chief in a likely Freudian slip referred to the suspects as "actors"

-The predictive programming cues were there with an in-depth Family Guy reference to bombings at the Boston marathon and a "Joggers" Illuminati card

-There was even a Boston bombing facebook aid page set up two days before it happened

What does everyone else think?  Please leave a comment below.  Could it be any more blatant that this is another false-flag?



Eric Dubay said...
Here's a great analysis of the bombing pictures:

Are You Just a Believer or Do You Think?
Andriulli said...
FYI, the guy who lost his legs is supposedly from NJ. two people I used to work with know and work wth his cousin. He most likely is not an actor.

We have to get the whole truth even when it hurts our case. Our job is to be better then the media, so we can't be one sided.
Anonymous said...
I think the one of the Sandy Hook principle is pretty crazy, first it's only a still shot of a video which can be taken out of context, where is the whole video? The new principle of the Sandy Hook is Donna Page who was the former principle and was at the marathon to honor the 26 victims as were other school members. Most likely the Donna being referenced was her with a picture of the deceased principle. I think you need to double check all these conspiracys and take off the ones that are just stupid otherwise it discredits everything. I also have a hard time believing Alex Jones after all of the dis info shill stuff that has come out about him,a lot of which I have read on your site.
Anonymous said...
My boyfriend knows Jeff Bauman personally- he most definitely had legs in the days before the marathon/ bombings. I also work in a hospital and have seen massive amounts of blood and I can assure you that it looks like that (bright red and "gooey").
Some of the other points brought up are thought provoking and really make you reconsider the events; however I just wanted to give my two cents about Bauman not being an actor. I would check more than one source before putting it up to support your thoughts.
goskinsgo said...
agree with above there is a lot of evidence to show this was a inside job but a lot of the evidence is suggestive and very weak.

other evidence is strong but the weak evidence will lose a lot of people that need proof and wont naturally draw a conclusion that it was a inside job from suggestive evidence.
goskinsgo said...
ok with less then 5 minutes research that photo of the principle being shown at the boston marathon is from someones instagram using a tricky little program called "photoshop".

When you have piss poor evidence mixed in with real evidence your entire case will be laughed at. This is the david icke reptilian move where all your real info is discredited by some silly weak info.
Anonymous said...
So sad what they did to the 2 brothers.
lost his "voice" ???
due to a bullet EXITING the back of his neck?

Andriulli said...
Eric I know it's a challenge but I think your site would benefit greatly from a forum or a front page comments section.

Even though there are times your website goes a bit to far, it is a necessary presence. You are right, and offer new and exciting input about a lot of things that 90% of conspiracy blogs are just copy/pasting (probably from your Atlantean Conspriacy ebook, I know I have seen it before). Also your creator owned works are brilliant, I know I promised to buy spiritual science but I left my job this past week. My boss was an adamant racist, and I would not be a silent accomplace any longer.

But like where in the conspiracy scene will you get everything from Wing Chung to Moon Landing to Pranayama. Your website represents some of the best from politics, history, religion, and philosophy- not just e-fellatio on LewRockwell.com articles
Anonymous said...
Frenchfries with Gravy

Where'd all the Ketchup go?
Eric Dubay said...
Thanks for the comments and criticisms all. It looks like you guys are right about the Dawn/Donna photoshop picture going around, thanks for catching that, I've erased everything pertaining to that. As for anonymous claiming to know Jeff Bauman, that doesn't convince me at all. Show me a recent picture of "Jeff" with legs and let's compare that to the picture of Nick Vogt without. The picture of Nick Vogt, Afghan war vet whose legs had already been amputated, looks exactly like "Jeff." Andriulli, I've had an Atlantean Conspiracy forum for years, but recently everyone stopped posting there and it's turned into a ghost forum:

Atlantean Conspiracy Forum

Thanks for the encouragement Andriulli, glad you like all the diverse subjects I write about! Other people give me flak for not sticking strictly to conspiracies. Peace
Eric Dubay said...
Looks like they were using this as an excuse to get military on the streets, test out martial law in MA, and they even confiscated several firearms from local resident's homes!

Boston Martial Law Gun Confiscation

Remember, the reason for these false-flags is always to take away our freedoms step-by-step, and as Obama's adviser Rahm Emmanuel said, "we never let a good crisis go to waste, and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not have done before."
goskinsgo said...
For me personally the illuminati card is about all i need to see, omg thats another one that is mysteriously on point. They're so on point i'm just waiting for there to be a false flag with big ben and other cards that HAVENT happened yet!

The chat is a interesting part of the blog. I enjoy the diversity of the blog even though sometimes i give you grief about the more obscure blogs. The recent wing chun one was great, the columbus blog was legendary very very well done.

I think the big evidence with the white square is pretty amazing. In the past few years laws have been passed that anyone deemed a "terrorsist" is excluded certain rights etc, seems likely for a siutation like this so they could set someone up.

Recently i saw a pretty good movie "body of lies" with Leo. In the movie the CIA basically sets a guy up to take the blame on a terrosist attack. With the new laws its scary to think whoever visits the wrong site or works for them can just be setup for a crime at any point without a trial.

Your right i think this was a trial run for martial law and to test how well they could "lockdown" the goyim.
Andriulli said...
Hmmm. I want to find a way to make your blog a more active community. Rather then make my own website and what not I would much rather increase yours. It seems a waste of time to retread so much of your own work and conclusions as it represents a modern appendage to the very same mystery schools which have inadvertently inspired us.
Eric Dubay said...
Thanks Goskinsgo and Andriulli. I appreciate you wanting to help promote AC! I think the best way is to keep our lines of communication open in these comments sections and to help spread the word by sharing articles on email, facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, stumbleupon, reddit, forums, etc. These comments sections are great for networking and creating a conspiracy community around what myself and AC stand for,Truth, Freedom, Peace and Love. Not to mention, all activity in the comments section raises SEO, and the comments will be read by thousands of people long after you post, unlike posting comments on social media/message boards which barely anyone reads and is then buried to obscurity within 24 hours. Any other suggestions are welcome! :) Thanks again.
Dante McAuliffe said...
If you're looking for a conspiracy, you'll always find one. A lot of people these days are seduced by the idea of "alternative media" and feel that whatever they hear or read on a "conspiracy" media outlet is true simply because it may go against what mainstream media is presenting. A sucker who believes everything the conspiracists and alternative media says is no better than a sucker who believes everything CNN or FOX say.

That being said, this incident struck me as suspicious from the beginning. Something wasn't right about it. The information presented in this post confirmed some of my suspicions. What struck me the most were some of the photos presented on the linked website. Those people looked way too calm considering they were lying in pools of blood and body parts and had just been blown up. Also, the government agents fleeing the scene without their backpacks -- come on, that's indisputable evidence that SOMETHING was up that day!

The two things I didn't find that convincing were the Bauman/Vogt identity crisis and the "actors" thing. When the commissioner said "actors," he meant the perpetrators, he attackers, the men who acted. He didn't mean to imply that these men were hired actors.

In any case, there's a lot to this story that we're not being told, and hopefully the whole truth will eventually be made public.
Andriulli said...
Ah I got it now E, (touching on the subject of your variety of topics)

I'm sitting here after smoking some buds, reading "Secret Teachings of All Ages" and it hits me. Slap some links on the side of the page and color in the pictures and it's your blog.

The same way Hall wove through perhaps seemingly unrelated phenomena, history, and religions, the related symbolism proved a very rich and comprehension analyzation.

And your blog carries on that tradition with a complete 2013 make over. I never realized this till now but wow we did have a spiritual ascendence bro. It just occurred to me the secret teachings are now taught by the every day man. No longer ordered iniates, but self innoculated red pills.

But yeah perfect example when you did the science of self defense piece just recently, the minute I saw the triangle it subconsciously arranged it's self into the proper "order" in the pattern of your material. It actually focused my attention. The entire Atlantean conspiracy concept is a lot tighter in your writing then I think a lot of people realize.
Eric Dubay said...
The Secret Teachings of All Ages is a great book and Manly Hall a wealth of esoteric knowledge. You said it right, nowadays, the "mysteries" are being taught by self-inoculated red-pill people. It only takes an internet connection and some careful guidance to learn more than mystery school initiates ever could! What did you mean exactly about the triangle concept and how "the entire Atlantean Conspiracy concept is a lot tighter in your writing then I think a lot of people realize"? Sounds fascinating but I don't think I understand what you mean :) Thanks
Anonymous said...
IMO the guy in wheelchair looks much more like Jeff Bauman--narrower nose than Vogt, straight browbone where Vogt's browbone curves downward to the outer side.
Anonymous said...
BUSTED! Watch the wheelchair guy's prosthetic leg FALL OFF and being PUT BACK ON >>>


They were pushing him a bit too fast...
Andriulli said...
I could do an entire piece dissecting how your own works are part of a highly connected original source. Everyone of the topics you touch upon are clearly related for anyone versed in esoteric teachings.

Look at your wing chung write up. Its casual mentioning of the triangle being natures strongest form can roll right into a number of topics from gnostic cosmogony to the pyramids. The casual mentioning of the importance of one's "center" can easily roll into meditation, kundalini, or right back into Gnosticism. Do you see the links as well? Any of the kundalini/serpent mythos can roll into topics of qabballah, then into tarot then into cosmic consciousness.

The reason for this is because you have done magic with this entire website and it's combined efforts. You invoked the platonic archetype of Atlantis and it's magic and bam your entire life and everything you enjoy revolves around those concepts. You can't so much as learn martial arts without finding a branch that focuses (even if inadvertently) on chakras, or triangles.

It runs deep E. Hope I made some sense, when I'm physically exhausted I don't communicate as mercurial as normal.
Anonymous said...


brought to you by Zion

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