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Masked Magician Exposed - Compared to Dynamo, David Copperfield, Criss Angel, Cyril


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Publicado el 22/06/2013
Fair use video.

Still don't believe in the supernatural? Watch this... part 1-4.


THIS VIDEO IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE how the Masked Magician fails to duplicate what he claims to reveal.
I will probably delete THIS video soon, this is just to show people how even big budget tricksters cannot duplicate what real occultists are able to do.

A short video for the skeptics who believe "magic" is all fake and illusion, occult insiders such as John Todd, Sephen Dollins, Bill Schoebelen, Roger Morneau and Mark Cleminson all know that demons are behind everything supernatural.

If you believe people can go through solid objects, move objects without cables, teleport WITHOUT a supernatural external force, you are the one here that is insane.

Part 3 of the new series will connect the final dots if you still have any questions.
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