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9 11 Truth Panel with Loose Change + Core of Curruption Filmmakers


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Publicado el 09/08/2013
Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone welcome filmmakers Dylan Avery ("Loose Change 9/11") and Jonathan Elinoff ("Core of Curruption") to a roundtable discussion centered on the tragic events of 9/11 and all the still yet to be answered questions that have risen in their wake. The panel delves deep into the facts of the day and subsequent events that followed including the invasion of Iraq.
On a more personal note, each share their own personal experiences that have helped shape their convictions today.

Dylan Avery is a 28 year old filmmaker from Upstate New York. Born in Leesburg, Virginia.
He participated in the first run of Project Greenlight.
At the age of 18, he started writing a feature film script that would slowly morph and evolve into the documentary Loose Change, an internet-based series of movies that was referred to by Vanity Fair as "the first Internet blockbuster."
He currently lives in Southern California with his faithful pit bull Gordo, and has numerous projects in various stages of development.

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