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9/11 in 60 Seconds: Trauma-Based Mass Mind Control



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Publicado el 11/09/2013
The point of rehashing this terrifying event is to show people what has been done to them, reveal it for what it is, so that maybe more people can break their programming and the conditioned fear response that has been used to enslave us all ever since that horrible day.

"The spiritual supporting pillars of the world's societal structure were essentially demolished on 9/11...symbolically, allegorically, ritualistically and literally.

Imploded and destroyed. The rest followed.

It was quite a sinister 'stroke of genius' and so exemplifies how these dark controllers operate. This is why the wake up to 9/11 Truth is so shocking to people's systems and they just can't handle it. It's overwhelming, which it was designed to be. And so the vast populace rolls over and buries its head back in the sand."

~ Zen Gardener, author of 9/11: Occultic, Trauma-Based Mind Control

H/T to Popeye @ http://federaljack.com/ for the raw footage.

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