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Catholicism: The Church on Haunted Hill 2011



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Publicado el 3/07/2013
Remember to always check the Bible scriptures to compare and contrast what these so called "christian teachers" are telling you in videos or books. "That includes all the videos in this channel also" I have seen to many wolfs in sheep clothing.

I suggest using only the original scriptures "King James Bible 1611 version" all NEW bible versions have been tampered with and changed the word of GOD. Dont take my word for it do your own homework!

If your wanting a accurate bible and you're not sure I suggest "KJV-Archaeological-Study-Bible-Illustra­ted" you can get it from Amazon easily.
GOD bless. Remember dont put your trust in "men" but in "Jesus Christ" only :)

Why, oh why, has the Catholic priesthood been sexually molesting little boys, young women and married women for the past 1,000 years? The answer is simple: Roman Catholicism is NOT genuine Christianity, but a mixture of numerous pagan and witchcraft doctrines and practices, all of which lead to sexual deviancy.

Bill also shockingly reveals that Catholic priests teach that Yah'shua (Jesus) was able to perform miracles only because He had gone into Witchcraft and was using the power of the Occult! The Bible calls this belief a sin which is unpardonable, either in this life or in the life to come (Matt 12:22-31). Therefore, priests who believe this heresy are no longer subject to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and can become unusually cruel and full of hate.

Bill, who spent 16 years in the Roman educational system and has a Master's degree in theology from a Roman seminary examines the dogmas of the Vatican in the light of Scripture and also shows why the Roman church is so far off course that such perversions (both doctrinal and sexual) are all but inevitable.
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