viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

The God Race: Culture Of Death


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Publicado el 22/01/2014
Alex covers the waterfront on the elite's need for omniscient power. The Technocracy is covered widely in the press. But given the spin of being an efficient idea for life on Earth when it can only end in a ruling class of the most powerful on Earth.'... Alex on FACEBOOK - INFOWARS LIFE-MAKE A HEALTHY CHANGE TODAY! Shield** NEW ITEMSuper Male Vitality** NEW ITEMSurvival Shield - Nascent Iodine** NEW ITEMPatriot Blend 100% Organic Coffee** NEW ITEMImmune Support Blend 100% Organic Coffee** NEW ITEM[[HERBAL SURVIVAL KIT]]** NEW ITEMcontains herbal remedies for the most common survival ailments.[[INFOWARS MAGAZINE]] JANUARY ISSUE**[[INFOWARS HEALTH]]-START GETTING HEALTHY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE

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