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Alan Watt Explains the Music Industry and Musical Mind Control



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GUYS, this is ALAN WATT not WATTS. Please read. It is possible for people to have similar names.

I'm back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and what a matrix it is. There's many levels to this matrix and the beauty of it is most people don't know they're in it. They think it's all quite natural. That the beauty of perfect propaganda and indoctrination.

I think we have Manolick. Is it Manolick in California on the line?

Manolick: Manolick. Hello.

Alan: How are you?

Manolick: Good. How are you Alan?

Alan: Not so bad.

Manolick: Thanks for taking my call. I first heard you about a year or so ago on Coast to Coast. I work late hours so I came home one night and I usually listen to Coast to Coast on the way home and I heard you and you really struck a chord. I'm thankful that they did have you on, because out of everything I've ever really heard on Coast to Coast, you were pretty much the most incredible thing they ever had on there. So I've been into you for a while and your website and every lecture. I have your DVD and one of your books as well. I think what I wanted to ask you if I could would be about the entertainment industry, which I'm a part of in a sense. I wanted to know on the music side of things because I'm in the music industry and see it on a day-to-day basis how dumbed-down the masses of young people are, being indoctrinated on a daily basis. But I want to know on the production end, how much in terms of the producers knowing what they're doing with the sound and the tones and where the music is going. How much do they know about what they're doing, or are they just thinking that their -- do they get the call from someone above them that says this is what we're looking for, do this; or, are some of them either initiated in the whole game and knowing what the mission is; or, how does that work?

Alan: The higher ones, the ones in the bigger companies certainly, certainly do, absolutely. I've met them and I've worked with some of them. The trick was always for me to try and get messages out in songs that still were popular but bypassed the political correctness that was getting pushed in different directions. Yes, the ones higher up are all experienced in the sciences of sound and the manipulation on the human mind of particular types of sound, the emotional effects it has on people and also the combination of words, which can have almost a magical impact on young people, who parrot generally the choruses. They vaguely understand or remember consciously some of the main verses, but the subconscious really listens carefully and retains these subliminally, you might say, in the background verses. They actually act upon it. It programs them to act out and they start to change their speech. They'll copy the little words, the "neologisms" as they call it for new words. They start to mimic them. They don't know where it came from and they don't question anything.
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