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Why Are We Making Robots When We Could Be Breeding Super People?



Why Are We Making Robots When We Could Be Breeding Super People?

sacredsigilservitor1The thing about magick that’s difficult to explain to the uninitiated is that you absolutely have to do it to understand it entirely. You can’t just read about it in books. Supposedly “coincidental” events start piling on top of each other in such a way that you can’t deny the interconnected nature of consciousness anymore. The ideas of dead matter and cold randomness start to appear increasingly primitive. You try to buy into them because that’s what you’ve been taught since birth but the hive mind keeps throwing wrenches into that whole design from the inside. Eventually you learn to ride the strange and start looking for the plot and how you fit into it rather than denying that there is one a priori. I try to write about this connective sensation as much as I can(more on Facebook than here, friend me), and last weekend was one of those odd examples of the universe tapping into my private thoughtspace and playing tag. Ever since I started writing for Disinfo I’ve been meaning to write a brief piece on just how mind blowingly controversial the topic of genetics is, and I was finally going to get around to tossing that up this week so it was bouncing around my head on a subconscious level. Then as my new music project finished debuting our first Occult film live last Saturday (will be out on the internets next week) I noticed there were a few stray drink tickets we hadn’t used and went out to the bar to cash one in. As I was standing there waiting for them to replenish the Ranier, I looked up at the TV and caught this particular Chris Rock routine, through closed captioning which made it extra surreal. If I would have ordered any other drink I wouldn’t have caught it.
Huh, yeah, they did in fact selectively breed slaves for specific abilities like strength to create super slaves didn’t they and that is part of the reason I now watch the NBA like a crack head isn’t it? I mean, I’d always assumed that was the case but you know, I guess I really never thought about it much….which is exactly how the established power structure wants it. This shit is just not discussed, in fact, when I brought it up to my wife the next day while watching hoops she got super creeped out and admitted she had never ever considered this rather sordid reality. She has two freaking Masters degrees. They don’t teach you this kind of thing in school. Again, I always just assumed that’s what went down and because of that spent a bit of time researching it online to see if I could confirm Mr. Rock’s assertion (and my assumption). Yep, and you know what else? In doing so I also confirmed that as far as controversy goes, this topic is fucking off the scales. Google it yourself. Insanely hard to find any sort of straight answers and all the sites that come up are like small time discussion boards. Buuuut, just on Wikipedia (not trustworthy at all) you can pretty quickly glean that yeah, totally happened. Even they can’t deny it, and man, kids, you know you can’t just do research on the internets right? It was tough to find a fuck thing about the selective breeding of slaves and that info’s gotta be out there. As far as I could tell Thomas Jefferson wrote extensively on the topic himself but I was too lazy to scour the PDF. Bananas.
Hey, I learned something new about black history during black history month and now I’m moving on because I’m white and I probably shouldn’t be talking about this. In fact, why am I talking about genetics in the first place? Well, it all conveniently ties directly back into that sex magick shit I’m continually ranting about. The thing about going all in with sex magick is that it makes you first start confronting your culturally implanted weirdness with sexuality and we all have it. The Occult involves the study of that which is hidden and we typically hide our sex lives from pretty much everyone unless we’re porn stars. Funny thing about that, sex is actually where we all come from in the first place. It’s the primary creative force in the universe and we almost never conceptualize it in that manner. As a matter of fact, thinking about the intentional manipulation of human genetics isn’t something we look to as the potential next frontier for technological exploration at this point in history at all. In fact, it’s a concept that’s still looked upon with absolute terror and revulsion. This stuff has to be done at random. It just has to. It’s God’s plan.
Well, about that plan, as it works out the people with the least resources just so happen to have the most kids a lot of the time. The intro to Idiocracy isn’t that far off the mark. Go research it yourself if you don’t believe me, they track this sort of thing. That’s a hell of a plan God. No, seriously, we’re intentionally writing a genetic tragi-comedy with our DNA, and we’re doing this primarily because of incredibly outdated ideas about spirituality, sexuality, and how those things are tied together. And let us not forget, also because of a seemingly timeless cycle of calculated exploitation by the ruling class. It’s how rich people get richer. Gotta keep churning out those wage slaves if we can’t have actual slaves. But why exactly?
Another strange aspect of a good sex magick practice is that it often leads to internal contact encounters with what can be best described as extra dimensional forms of intelligence. When the internet first hit way back in the day, two of the most popular subjects that rose to initial prominence were porn and shit about UFO’s and aliens. Those were the Occult topics lurking in our subconscious minds that had to be expurgated through electronic telepathy. Ruminate on that for a sec. Now, if you bothered to read up on any of this UFO weirdness, you probably noticed that the implication has always had to do with the intelligent manipulation of genetics behind the scenes of human reality. There have been reports of this kind of shit ever since there’s been us. I can say it over and over. Alien phenomenon seems to be a part of ourselves compelling us to study psi phenomenon and genetics rather than killbots and computers. It’s further compelling because those are THE EXACT THINGS that scare us the most. I almost wonder if we were a shamanic culture whether or not we’d be visited by technologically savvy materialists in the outer reaches of our imaginations to help push us in that direction.
Now, I’m not someone who really has a choice in contemplating genetics because I’m just such an anomaly. My mom is functionally crazy and my dad is a successful physician who was the valedictorian of his medical school (before you get all, oh, Thad’s a spoiled rich kid, keep in mind that my parents got divorced when I was 5 and my dad remarried the greediest woman in the universe thusly ensuring he never game me dick. Seriously, didn’t even pay for my college). So what do you get when you combine the crazy with the hyper rational? Well, you get someone like me who is half batshit and half ridiculously grounded. Now, since my mom’s technically sane (trust me, this is a technicality) I can’t say I necessarily thought about this much until she had a kid with another father and he ended up being about as far out schizophrenic as people can get. Obviously, the crazy gene is in my lineage and what’s particularly fascinating about this is that it’s where my creativity comes from. I wasn’t raised in an artistic household. Quite the opposite. My parents encouraged me not to pursue music quite specifically.
And that’s where it gets even deeper. You know why my parents on my dad’s side didn’t encourage me to pursue rock music? Well, it was partially because I have an uncle who was a professional cover band musician who also happens to be a raging alcoholic. My step mom’s a psychologist. She knows these things are genetic. It’s common fucking knowledge. Remember earlier in the article when I mentioned seeing that Chris Rock segment while grabbing a beer? Yep, first show I’ve played I think ever where I didn’t drink at all. Just grabbed a beer while I was loading out because we had some spare drink tickets and I was hungry because it was 1 in the morning. I’ve actually been intentionally detaching drinking with playing music, because my subconscious mind has been quite brutally telling me what a danger to my health my years of heavy drinking were. Not something I was grasping consciously and I cut out like 70% of my boozing 2 years ago because of all that but I still struggle with it to a certain extent. These extra dimensional weirdos have mentioned my uncle’s DNA and how that affects me repeatedly in my inner life. One night while I was ganji-i-tating and fantasizing about having a kid with the most creative woman I know to make some sort of super artist I was quickly informed that: “no, that wouldn’t work out, you both have the alcoholic gene.”
Why on earth do we not consider this kind of shit when we’re thinking about having children? My wife’s mom was schizophrenic and it’s sort of unbelievable, but when we tell people we’re not going to have kids because there’s madness on both sides of our lineage, people look at us like we’re nuts, yet it is the single most rational topic of contemplation imaginable. Maybe part of the problem with our world is that we don’t think about the broader consequences of our sex lives at all. Traditional religion wants you to have as many kids as possible. That seems to be the basic thesis of a lot of conservative faiths. Keep churning out the brainless wage slaves. Don’t ask questions. We’ll keep ‘em dumber than rocks with our hyper-corrupt religious educational system and the TV. My wife’s homophobic, anti-abortion, pro-republican, evangelical Christian cousins have now had what, 7 kids in the last 5 years? There might be more. I’ve honestly lost count. Remember when I mentioned the beginning of Idiocracy (which I don’t think is a great movie by the way, good premise, poorly executed)? Exactly what I’m getting at here.
The fact of the matter is, even without splicing genes, just being more selective about how we procreate could in fact radically change our reality for the better. We could make super athletes, super artists, super engineers, super scientists, super psychics etc. Limitless potentiality. It’s maybe part of the reason I spend half my leisure time obsessing about sports and before idiot trolls play the race card let me point out that there ain’t no psychic history month. You know where the term witch hunt comes from? Yeah, I’m white and grew up in the suburbs but don’t tell me I don’t understand discrimination.
I don’t even talk about what goes on in my life with my own family very often because they don’t understand it and spend 90% of my time acting like I’m normal when I’m decidedly not. I’ll let you know when the next Occult pride parade goes down in my city. People of my ilk get thrown in mental institutions never to be heard from again, so go ahead, call me crazy motherfucker. You might not want to fuck with the dude who’s tinkering with the very tools by which reality is created behind the scenes, and no, people like me didn’t happen by accident. In one quite profound visionary state years back I was told quite pointedly that: “the things we show you would drive most people insane, but they don’t drive you crazy. That’s what’s significant about you.” As far as I can tell by what was shown to me in that very vision, supposedly crazy people are an ongoing attempt by the gods to create super mystics capable of existing in a multitude of dimensions simultaneously. There will be more and more of us popping up here as time goes by, and eventually as the philosophy of consumerism starts to crumble beneath our fingers society will have to start listening to what we have to say or we’ll all fail collectively. There’s not going to be much of a choice moving forward. We’ve entered a new Aeon my friends. Your murderous robots are not going to save you from your own spiritual ignorance and your concept of a technological singularity is an absolute fucking joke. Trust me, the other side isn’t laughing with you with all that nonsense, they’re laughing at you. Downloading your soul into a computer. Please.

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