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GRAY STATE goes National - Trailer Reactions and Radio Shows


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Publicado el 16/09/2012

Chuck Baldwin, Aimee Allen, Gary Johnson, Stewart Rhodes, Gary Franchi, Adam Kokesh, Jason Rink, Alex Jones, Scott Legere, Michael W. Dean, Guillermo Jimenez, and Tatiana Moroz give their reactions to the contentious and compelling GRAY STATE concept trailer, and describe how important it is to fund this film grassroots-style and help it get made to the scale it deserves.

GRAY STATE is a film that needs your help to get funded. Unlike other films which are simply picked up by studios, Gray State is of such contentious nature that parallels reality that studios are likely to buy it up simply to put it on a shelf. The drive and passion of the filmmakers compel them to try to finish the film by any means possible - and it's up to you to help out, if this is a message you care about.

To learn more about the film:
To contribute to the film and get cool stuff,

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