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Gray State The Rise - Unofficial Trailer (Ron Paul 2012 or Gray State 2013)


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Publicado el 19/05/2012
NOTE: We reached our crowdfunding campaign goals, so disregard the links at the end of the video.

Gray State: The Rise is the dystopian consequence of generations of American complacency. As we enjoyed our standard of living, globalist powers laid plans spanning decades to slowly erode our constitutional rights and civil liberties to the point where we mindlessly support invasive foreign wars for profit while tolerating being groped for security. The Gray State is not coming... it's here.

If you've been following the Gray State effort, you know that it is a simultaneous exposé on the dissolution of our bill of rights at the hands of a tyrannical government AND a narrative feature film. Even though the effort has been going on two years, it is still in its infancy as it gather steam to plow ahead into big-budget production. So if this is something you care about, please contribute to the cause, as we're going to be taking the opportunity to initiate grassroots marketing, spread the word to the thousands of liberty-minded people at the RNC, go on radio shows, and approach potential investors. This is a HUGE move for the Gray State effort, so if it's a message you care about, please help us out.

Subscribe to the Gray State YouTube Channel and get the latest updates as the Gray State doc effort AND the feature film effort continue.

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