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They Locked Us Down and Took Our Rights: Boston from Inside the Lockdown





“We had illegal sweeps, searches, and seizures. We had police going door to door with guns drawn”. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have noticed that there has been a recent spate of false flag terror activities, namely the Boston Marathon bombings. Our hearts go out to all the families and victims affected by this tragedy… but this time something just doesn’t smell right! One of our most vigilant (anonymous) authors is giving us the details of the lockdown as he personally experienced it. This is a personal appeal for all truthseekers, patriots, and you, a concerned citizen, to open your eyes and look right at the face of our police state. Privacy violations, rights limited, and government lockdowns – all just a test run for an inevitable New World Order. Don’t be fooled by Illuminati controlled mass media, as they war for your mind, this is all part of the Elite Agenda.

Writing for a truthseeking website, I guess I should be excited that I was lucky enough to be in Boston over the last few weeks, when all the shit hit the fan. Why? Because I get to tell the story from the inside, how it really happened, and as a writer, my main concern should be being able to deliver a story that is both honest and unbiased, no matter the cost. But I want to be raw with all of you for a second and tell you, as much as I am grateful I can tell this tale, it was also exhausting and scary over these last few weeks, being a Bostonian. There has been a sense of fear that is prevalent in what we do now. And the reality is, it is not just a fear over what actually happened, which, at the heart of it, is a terrorist act that cost people their lives and limbs. But for those on the inside, the fear is not just delegated to those who may have perpetrated the act. No, our fear has shifted, for we have been in the police state from the inside. We have now had all our rights stripped away from us, seeing SWAT members lock all of Boston down at gun point. We have seen them sweep the streets like this is Nazi Germany. We have seen them going into homes with their guns drawn on families for no reason. While the end result may have been the inherent desire to keep us, as Americans, safe, what we need to look at now is keeping us safe at what cost? The cost of our personal freedoms? How is it we all just lay down and took this without any argument? The real fear stemming of from all of this now is not Russian terrorist cells trying to blow us up. It is our own government, swooping in with guns drawn, telling us we can’t leave our houses. THAT stands as the real threat. What started with the Patriot Act has spread its roots deep into the tarnished soil of this once-great Country, corrupting us, treating the innocents like the guilty and giving us no reason for their atrocious and unforgivable behavior. But the reality here, from someone who has been inside the rotting gut of this beast for the last few weeks is, this was a test run to see how compliant an entire city would be when placed into a police state. And guess what? We didn’t offer ANY opposition, and instead, lined the streets cheering for the very people who locked us in our homes and aimed guns at us. So you see, we are as much to blame for taking it all as they are for dishing it out. Let me tell you some things the media is NOT about the lock down from last week.
It was April 19th, 2013, and it will forever be a day I don’t forget. One of those days you feel as important, and you never shake that feeling. I felt it as a child when I saw the Berlin wall fall, live on TV. I felt it as a child when I saw the Challenger space shuttle explode. I felt it when 9/11 happened, and many subsequent days. But no day has ever felt like April 19th, when they put the entirety of Boston on lock down while they searched frantically for the two suspects wanted in junction with the terrible Boston marathon bombing, which killed 2 (one being a small child) and left 125 other injured or maimed. And from the first minute I woke up that Friday, I could feel it. We all could. The sky had an odd jaundice tone to it, and the air was thick and heavy. It was raining, off and on, and there was a palpable tension in the air that any of us could feel. We were already all riled up because of the events that had unfolded in our city just a few days earlier, and we woke up that day with it feeling (and looking) like the end of the world. Boston was empty except for the cops and SWAT lining the streets, which made it look even more like an apocalyptic zombie film.
How does one kid lock an entire city down and require this much police presence?
How does one kid lock an entire city down and require this much police presence?
The thing people need to know about Boston is, we are a vengeful lot. Of ALL the cities someone could have f*cked with, Boston might be the stupidest, most counter productive of all. Why? Because we were SO INTENT with catching these kids and making them pay that we didn’t even care when our own rights were stripped from us. But we also showed the government in one felt swoop, that we, as a Country, WILL BE the sheep they need us to be. We pretend we are all strong and angry, yet a moment comes where any of us could have offered opposition, and we just took it like a champ. The problem is, we showed them it works. If they can do that to Boston, a city filled with driven, passionate, loud people, they can do it anywhere. We were the test run, and honestly, it could not have gone any better for those in charge, which will really just screw this country, long-term.
The thing NO ONE is talking about regarding this lock down is what was happening inside it. You see, part of the lock down obviously involved K9, bomb and drug sniffing dogs. So what was also happening, amid all the chaos, guns and drugs were being taken from people without warrants or rights. The thing is, they weren’t arresting people. They were just sweeping through, and if they happened to find drugs or guns, were removing them. Yes, you read that correctly. And ofcourse you are not hearing about it because what drug dealer (or drug taker) is gonna post on Facebook about how some cops just took his ounce of pot? No one, ultimately granting Boston police with the freedom of recreating Nazi Germany, though on a much smaller scale.
On top of that, just the way it was being handled was grossly incompetent. You are telling me that hundreds of police officers needed to approach every house in Watertown with their guns drawn? So they are that inept that they just assume every single house is harboring these guys? There are examples of friends of mine with kids having SWAT entering their homes and pointing the guns at their children. Can we take one moment to talk about just how fucked up all of this is? At this point, they had already killed the first terrorist (and plastered images of his corpse all over social media, further showing us just how classless we have become as a society). So what they are trying to tell us through their actions is that ONE KID was strong enough to cause the entirety of Boston to be locked down (and many surrounding towns) and have all its citizens be treated guilty until proven innocent? One damn kid? SO why was New York not locked down after 9/11? Because passion and panic were at an all-time high, and it would have never been successfully implemented amid that anarchy. But using the Boston bombings as a catalyst to try out the police state on a smaller scale was a brilliant move by this world’s elite, and it set the tone for us that will be nothing if not damning to future generations.
Yay! Lock us down and treat us like criminals and we will cheer for you like you are a God.
Yay! Lock us down and treat us like criminals and we will cheer for you like you are a God.
We had illegal sweeps, searches, and seizures. We had police going door to door with guns drawn. We, all around New England, had special messages on our social network feeds to (pay attention to this one) to “not disclose police locations through pictures or posts on social networks that could end up compromising the arrests”. So not only had the police taken over the streets of Boston, but the had taken our social networks as well, letting us know that, in that single moment, we had NO freedoms as American people. It may just be one of the scariest things that has ever happened in America. Not the bombing itself, but just how it was handled by its own government, and subsequently, us. Instead of really thinking about our safety, we were tested. The proverbial lab rat for how submissive we become when it is expected of us. Listen, despite whatever you may think, we are a society that lacks free thinkers. We are a society that lacks revolutionaries. Facebook and Twitter has made us a passive generation, bitching about what we hate on public forums, yet not brave enough to stand up and speak in opposition to it when it is shoveled at us in massive piles. But I wouldn’t be telling you all this if I did not believe we could still make a change as a country. We CAN shift our collective thinking, and no longer allow ourselves to be lied to and manipulated by those who we are supposed to trust to protect us. Speaking of lies, what about the lies we were fed about the shooting and the arrest?
Look at him, people. The face that shut down Boston.
Look at him, people. The face that shut down Boston.
Listen, Dzokhar A. Tsarnaev, the second bomber, walked out of the boat he was hiding in of his own accord. There are pics of this. And then, in his arrest pic and subsequent pics, he is shot in the throat. Thing is, they did not tell ANYONE is Boston this kid was shot. They simply reported to us that the BPD had brought in the second bomber alive, and like good little sheep, we all cheered. We all cheered because we did not see the bad shape he was in. He all cheered because we believed that we may actually get some answers about what happened. We lined the streets and chanted and cheered for the same people who just drew guns on us and took our pot and guns. We cheered for the people who wouldn’t let us leave our homes. We cheered for a day we were prisoners in our own homes. Do you see how badly this reflects on all of us?
Flash forward a few days later and you have many conflicting reports, all over the web, and very few truths. The reality is, there is no way this kid is going to be talking. No way. I would venture so far as to say he looks dead in the arrest pic, and I find it disarming that no one else seems to think it suspicious that this was the biggest manhunt in recent U.S history, yet there is only ONE arrest pic. One. And NO video. WHAT? In an age of Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, and there is no footage of this kid being arrested, and there is only one pic? It doesn’t take a mathematician here to see that something is just not adding up in all of this. But being a docile generation, we offer no opposition when shit stinks. Instead, we just walk in it and carry the scent with us, too, which makes us just as bad as them. Well, not JUST as bad, but pretty damn close.
You see a terrorist. I see a dead kid, eyes shut, offering no opposition. Why did they tell us he was fine, and they admit he couldn't talk?
You see a terrorist. I see a dead kid, eyes shut, offering no opposition. Why did they tell us he was fine, and they admit he couldn’t talk?
At the end of the day, exactly one week has passed since the lock down, and most of us have just gotten back to life as normal. But the best of us know something shifted in the country that day. Something changed that we will never be able to change back. That was the day they stormed our houses with guns drawn. And more importantly, that was the day we let them.

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