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David Icke - Satanic Bloodlines



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Publicado el 20/1/2013
Song - Bloodlines,by Plumbjam
lyrics..... BLOODLINES

the offspring of god kings who came down from heaven
the hybridised bloodline of alien and man
the creature abhorent the devils own servant
the secret that binds them their worship of pan

satanic bloodlines
satanic bloodlines
satanic bloodlines they sacrifice children and feed on their fear
they conjour their master possessing them all
the blood of their victims is drunk while its warm in a frienzy
the ritual repeated for thousands of years

satanic bloodlines
satanic bloodlines
satanic bloodlines ramases II 1295 to 1225 bc
philip of macedonia 382 to 336 bc
alexander the great 356 to 323 bc
cleopatra 60 to 30 bc
ptolemy xIv 59 to 44 bc
constantine the great 272 to 337 ad
dagobert III 699 to 715 ad
vlad tepest the impaler 1431 to 1476 ad
king james I 1566 to 1625 ad
george washington 1732 to 1799
thomas jefferson 1743 to 1826
kaiser wilhelm II 1859 to 1941
george bush sr 1924 to date
queen elizabeth II 1926 to date
george bush jr 1946 to date
bill clinton 1946 to date
hilliary rodham clinton 1947 to date
barak hussein obama 1961 to date
prince william 1982 to date

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