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To Harry or Not to Harry - Bill Schnoebelen and Wendell Amstutz


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Publicado el 18 de nov. de 2014
This is 2 hours of Bill Schnoebelen (former wizard and trained counselor) and noted researcher Wendell Amstutz at the International Center for Biblical Counseling conference talking about the Harry Potter phenomenon and what parents should do about it. This has tons of new material, including information on the Potter films. It is also presented in a dynamic, town hall forum-type format.

This video can be converted to mp3 over sites such as Its a convenient way to listen to Bill's excellent teachings at work or in the car. Please check out my channel for more of Bill's work.

Sorry about the drop in video quality a-ways in, I'm working on fixing it.

Please also consider supporting Bill's ministry with a donation at

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