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"Pondering our Post-Petroleum Future" with Michael Ruppert



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Actualizado el 24 de sept. de 2006
Peak Moment 28: Michael Ruppert, publisher of FromTheWilderness.com, has made connections between money, Peak Oil, and geopolitics for years. He discusses his move to Ashland and offers specific to-do's around money and investment "in light of the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy": invest locally.

You can read Michael Ruppert's current thinking at www.mikeruppert.blogspot.com.

"Peak Moment: Community Responses for a Changing Energy Future" is an online television series showcasing perspectives and initiatives for local self-reliant living. The half-hour programs feature host Janaia Donaldson's conversations and tours with individuals and communities preparing for accelerating energy decline, climate chaos, and economic uncertainty.

Visit www.peakmoment.tv for dvds with presenters/guests, and to sign up for the Peak Moment newsletter. Info: info@peakmoment.tv.
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