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Seeing Through The Psy-Ops by Richard D Hall



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Publicado el 24 de dic. de 2012
Governments have still not made statements about the reality of the UFO and E.T. phenomenon, but instead have continued to allow the hierarchies which control them to confuse and mislead the vast majority of the population on this issue. In order to understand how this has been successfully achieved we must address some very uncomfortable truths.

Psychological operations are one tool used by these hierarchies to mislead the public not just about UFO reality, but about other issues such as terrorism. The obfuscation of truth is no more blatantly exercised than in the propagation of the mythical organisation known as al qaeda. The same techniques which are now being used to hide the true source of modern day terrosism have been used for decades to hide the truth about UFOs. Richard D. Hall will make the case in this lecture that ALL forms of media lies, psy-ops and manipulation need to be exposed before we can move closer to the day of official honest Disclosure.

Richard D Hall presented "Seeing Through the Psy Ops" on Friday 5th August, 2011 at the 3rd Annual British Exopolitics Expo held at the University of Leeds.

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