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NSC 2014 Panel 1: Grand Strategy and the Rise of China



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Publicado el 18 de nov. de 2014
The Seventh Annual Tower Center National Security Conference explores the so-called “pivot to Asia.” For many years the focus of U.S. grand strategy has been on Europe and the Persian Gulf. Now Washington’s attention is turning to the east. What are the implications for strategy, policy, military operations, and the defense industry? Speakers discuss what the pivot means to the United States, China, and other states in the region. They will also explore questions about military operations in a hypothetical conflict with China. Finally, they will consider the implications for the defense industry if the competition with China comes to dominate U.S. attention.

Professor Hiroki Takeuchi, Tower Chair, SMU
Ms. Bonnie Glaser, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Professor Sean Kay, Ohio Wesleyan University
Professor Jennifer Lind, Dartmouth College
Professor Robert Ross, Harvard Fairbank Center & Boston College

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