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Illuminati History, Genealogy & Secret Rituals with Fritz Springmeier (1/2)


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Publicado el 23 de ene. de 2015
Illuminati history, genealogy & secret rituals are explored by author Fritz Springmeier, who explains the origins of this secret society - from its mysterious genealogical lineage outlining the top families involved to the secret rituals undertaken by participants. Fritz also reveals a castle discovered in Belgium that he personally visited where high-level Mother of Darkness ceremonies took place. Also addressed is Illuminati mind control and how victims of this process sought Fritz out for help to restore a healthy mind. Plus, the state of the Illuminati in today’s modern world and also the externalization of it through pop culture and major celebrities is also discussed in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.

Fritz Springmeier was born in 1955 in Kansas and now lives in Portland, Oregon. He considers himself a born-again Christian with no denominational affiliation. Fritz is best known for a series of seven books exposing the who, what, how, where and when of the mother of secret societies, the Illuminati. Since 1990, he has been exposing the New World Order through books, articles, public talks and radio interviews.

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00:00 Welcome to Buzzsaw with Fritz Springmeier, Author and Speaker.
01:12 How did Springmeier get into the study and research of the Illuminati.
03:53 Tracing the historical roots of the Illuminati.
06:15 In Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Springmeier looks at the top families in the Illuminati.
9:14 The genealogy of the top families.
11:25 Is someone in one of these families grandfathered in or do they have to go through rituals to learn?
14:06 First hand accounts of the rituals of the Illuminati.
19:06 Where and how do the Illuminati members come together?
21:45 How did Springmeier get involved with the Illuminati?
25:18 How did the mind control victims find Springmeier to tell their stories?
29:16 Important Illuminati members are always, sometimes loosely, tied together in bloodlines.
32:06 Is it only Western European families that dominate the Illuminati?
37:55 Can the lineage be traced to Venice in particular?
40:30 People assume we live in a democratic world and don’t see the connections of these bloodlines that have positions of power.
42:35 The externalization of the Illuminati.
45:34 Thanks and goodbye.

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