jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

Ray McGovern - The Real Agenda of the American Empire Part 2



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Publicado el 9 ago. 2014
Ray McGovern is a former CIA Analyst who worked for the Agency for 27 years, spanning the terms of seven presidencies. As an analyst on foreign policy, McGovern was in charge of the daily briefings for senior White House officials.

McGovern has just returned this week from a visit to Edward Snowden in Russia, delivering to him the Sam Adams Corner-Brighteneer Candlestick Holder Award, in recognition of his courage in shining light on the NSA.

McGovern is well known for his attacks on what he sees as corruption in the CIA. He sees the damage done to the faith in intelligence work as profound, believing it will take years to correct. He hopes to see the CIA become again an entity independent from political administration.

Since retiring, McGovern has become a constant presence on the national stage as an activist and renowned expert on the inner workings of American Empire.

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