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The Anglo American conspiracy, Iran 1979‏


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Actualizado el 30 ene. 2011
اشاره - در این کلیپ از صدای "مُرشدِ معرکه-گیر علی رضا میبُدی" که 30 سال است مردم را سرکار گذاشته بهره گرفتم که داستان-گویی می کند، با دیدگاه و منش و کردار "مُرشد میبُدی"، فرسنگ-ها فاصله دارم، و بهره-گیری از صدای او دلیلِ تاییدش نمی باشد. خواستم که این مُهم را هم بدانید. مزدک کاسپین.
جیمی کارتر، پدر خوانده-ی هرج و مرج جهانی -
دسیسـه-های انگلیس و آمریکا برای اشغال ایران در سال 1979-1357
The Anglo-American Revolution of 1979 which was imposed on Iran
Was planed by sick minds such as Bernard Lewis and George Ball.
It was orchestrated by James Callaghan who was the Britain's Pime Monster at the time, Jimmy Carter, Zbignew Brizinsky, General Robert Hyser, William Sullivan, Ramsey Clark, Cyrus Vance and others in the British establishment.
The Bilderberg committee of 1974, and the British MI6, US CIA intelligence agencies, Commissioned Professor Bernard Lewis to come up with a plan as how to Put a halt on Iran's rapid progress under the Shah.
His recommendation was:
"The Islamic Revolution and the destruction of the Iranian nation
Let the world learn about the secrets of
Carter/ Khomeini revolution.
Please pass it on.
Let the world know the truth.
The overthrow of the late Shah of Iran in 1979 by Jimmy Carter & Britain was the greatest mistake of the 20th century which Iranians can neither forget, nor forgive.

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