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9/11 Profits Of Doom



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Publicado el 11 sept. 2015
The mainstream media initially blew the whistle on the highly suspicious aggressive surges of the trading of put options, basically a bet that the stock will go down, on American Airlines and United Airlines just before the 9/11 tragedy. However that coverage of the investigation quickly came to a screeching halt.

The indisputable truth is, inside trading was in an uncanny feeding frenzy gorging on foreknowledge as put options surged on the very companies that would be blindsided by the attack. Reinsurance companies Munich RE and Swiss RE nearly doubled the level of shares traded normally days before the attack. Financial services, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley with offices in the Towers saw huge surges in put options traded days before the attacks. The SEC put on a show for the public, deputizing hundreds of officials to investigate and essentially cover up the beneficiaries of the put option feast. In October of 2001 SFGATE reported “In a two-page statement issued to "all securities-related entities" nationwide, the SEC asked companies to designate senior personnel who appreciate "the sensitive nature" of the case and can be relied upon to "exercise appropriate discretion" as "point" people linking government investigators and the industry.”

By deputizing these officials, the SEC had essentially made it impossible for the investigators to disclose publicly what they had discovered. The blame for the spending spree on the profits of doom were erroneously blamed on the agents of the terror attack. Agents scattered from the official story as it becomes increasingly obvious that the Saudi’s were pulling the strings in collusion with their Bush family allies right here in the good ol US of A.

The investigation scared a lot of the investors as 2 and a half million of put options on United Airlines went unclaimed. Wall Street demons, and you know who you are. We will never forget, we will never surrender. You will pay the high price for making a deal with the devil.

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