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Fritz Springmeier speaks on The Illuminati, Mind Control, the Church, and Jade Helm 15 - RAP podcast


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Publicado el 12 jul. 2015
Reports and Perspective podcast released July 12, 2015

My special guest Fritz Springmeier, renowned researcher and author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati, shares his insight about the Illuminati and its influence in society, about mind control and how it works, about the condition of the Christian church, and also information on Jade Helm 15. Much of what we know can be given credit to the extensive time and research Fritz Springmeier has put into the subject, as he has firsthand experience.

Who are the Illuminati and what their roots of Elitism.

The bloodlines and the top Illuminati families.

How they gather files on citizens from a collection of data and information of algorithms and metadata through sources such as the Internet, where they know more about us than we know.

Mind control on their chosen slaves to control and breed “agents” and workers in the political field, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Predictive programming used to condition society and usage of ditties, phrases, and commands that handlers use as triggers to engage someone into action of their programmed mission.

America the great experiment and the control and influence they have on us.

Certain programming examples, even in the Christian church.

The condition of the Christian church and the influence of the Freemasons who have been running the institutions, the training programs, and the seminaries.

How the church denominations and segregated sects are mind control alter-building personalities in themselves that distort the unity of the Holy Spirit and results in a watered down belief as opposed to the true gospel.

The usage of scripture as mind control triggers on enslaved victims, and conditioning.

The gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth revealed by the Holy Spirit as the only remedy to combat their plan in your life.

And insight into the Jade Helm 15 military operation and its possible meaning. And also how the Illuminati believe they are countering God’s plan, when they in fact may be fulfilling it.

Fritz Springmeier is Author of “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” and “Be Wise as Serpents, and co-author of “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.”

Fritz has a unique expertise on the subjects having had firsthand experience with families of the Illuminati, having helped mind control slaves and facing their handlers, and the time he has spent in extensive research on the subject. He is one of the foremost leading experts who broke this information that many of us rely on as our source.

His books and information are available at his website

My website is for more information.

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