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Why CIA Director William Colby Was Murdered


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Publicado el 20 abr. 2015
Was CIA Director William Colby was Murdered so he wouldn't expose advanced, alien technology? Steven Greer (from reveals to Art Bell the circumstances surrounding William Colby's death. This interview is from August 8th 2004.

Part II: John DeCamp (author of The Franklin Coverup: ) and one of Bill Colby's best friends, talks about their involvement with investigating a scandal in Nebraska in the late 80s that led to uncovering a very rogue and sophisticated pedophile ring that used orphan kids, runaways and also abducted children in a network of extremely corrupt activity. This includes child prostitution and sex parties in Washington DC involving prominent politicians, businessmen and media personalities; drug trafficking; CIA operated "mind control" experiments, conducted in Offutt U.S. Air Force Base near Omaha. John DeCamp also reveals a conversation he had with Bill Colby 2 weeks before his mysterious death. Colby tells John what he had been up to and what he was going to continue to do to help the world with his specific expertise and integrity.
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