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Joseph P Farrell the Hidden History of Bankers


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Publicado el 31 ago. 2016
Joseph P Farrell says real money is not what we have in this country. Real money is issued by the state against the economic power of the country. What we have is monetized debt. Its purpose is to inject a level of profit into the system: the interest that government must pay to finance the debt. The one thing that congress will not debate is what we really need to do: return to state-issued money. This was true until the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Listen as Jim Marrs interviews Joseph Farrell about the hidden history of what Joseph Farrell calls "the banksters," the bank-gangsters who have been running our world since time immemorial. You will be deeply shocked by the extent to which we have been enslaved by these people. They have suppressed technologies that might free us from the burden of purchasing expensive and polluting fossil fuels. They have burdened us with what is essentially a false debt that insures that they will continue to profit and we will continue to pay down the halls of time.
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