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Jospeh P Farrell Secret Nazi Power in Todays World



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Publicado el 19 nov. 2016
Joseph Farrell is an Oxford educated physicist and historian who has made a lifelong study of Nazi secrets. You will learn in detail how they preserved their power after World War II, and engage to this day in the manipulation of wealth, power, religion and even whole countries.

They talk about the buried prewar partnerships between US corporations and the Nazis, and the true extent of the Nazi enterprise in South America. Included is the chilling detail that the notorious Nazi Martin Bormann, who supposedly died as the war ended, cashed a check in Buenos Aires on a US bank in the 1960s!

Who really runs our world, and why are they running it into the ground? It can be argued that the Nazis, in their deep evil, had a death wish, and that this same cancer infects modern wealth and power, which is why our world is coming apart at the seams.
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