jueves, 23 de febrero de 2017

Bill Schnoebelen - The Presidential Elections to Witchcraft to Bibilical Flat Earth



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Publicado el 6 nov. 2016
Dr. William Schnoebelen www.WithOneAccord.org Ministries, In this show shares with me his long-term knowledge that the Clintons have been heavily involved in the occult and are most certainly high level Illuminists. Hillary herself being a high-level witch. Dr. Bill then shares with us his experiences in masonry and other occult practices.

In the second half of the show we speak about his recent coming forth to support the biblical geocentric flat earth as truth and how this has affected his ministry. And rather than shy away from others condemnation and judgment Including the loss of support and financial backing of those that don't agree with his stance, he like myself and others have decided to side with the truth of God's word no matter what others may think of such position. Those of you that can, please do support him through his website. God bless all of youin advance for doing so
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