martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Fritz Springmeier Lecture On Illuminati , Prague Conference, October 2016


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Publicado el 3 feb. 2017
Sharing with you a part of a lecture by Fritz Springmeier in Prague , October 2016. He spoke on illuminati past and present. We were invited to this conference by Fritz himself and we were asked to film his sessions. He also has given us permission and asked us to download this information on our channels. On the conference were about 5-7 people people present including us, and the organizer of the conference named " Alexandra" Who is refusing to give her full last name but she says she is a psychiatrist, watched us filming Fritz and allowed us to do that.we have personally paid her 100 euros cash for the entrance fee, the fee was only 30 dollars per person but she never offered change back, so we just left it at that. There were no restrictions noted anywhere that filming this conference is not allowed. Fritz Springmeyer has allowed us to not only from it but download it on our channels. Thank you.
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