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Rethinking Series 2014-15: Chinese Views, Strategy and Geopolitics



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Publicado el 23 ene. 2015
On January 7, 2015, as part of the JHU/APL Rethinking Seminar Series - Rethinking Global Security Constructs, Threats and Potential Responses (2014-15), Robert D. Kaplan (Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security) discussed "Chinese Views, Strategy and Geopolitics."

Mr. Kaplan focused on China's own geopolitics and how the South and East China Seas, India, Korea, Russia, all look from a Chinese perspective. He also explored the concept that China's ability to challenge the US international order will depend on how China handles its near-abroad as well as its own economy.

Mr. Kaplan is the bestselling author of fifteen books on foreign affairs and travel translated into many languages, including Asia’s Cauldron, The Revenge of Geography, Monsoon, Balkan Ghosts, and Eastward to Tartary. He is a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security and a contributing editor at The Atlantic, where his work first appeared three decades ago. He was chief geopolitical analyst at Stratfor, a visiting professor at the United States Naval Academy, and a member of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board. Foreign Policy magazine twice named him one of the world’s “Top 100 Global Thinkers.”

To learn more about the Rethinking Seminar Series, visit: https://dnnpro.outer.jhuapl.edu/rethi...

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