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John Cusack: Hollywood is a Whorehouse Filled With Crazy People


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Publicado el 28 sept. 2014
The actor gives a candid statement on what most people who work in Hollywood are like and what the Industry does to most of the people.

In September of 2014 when giving an interview promoting his new film Maps to the Stars which is about the perils of the entertainment industry, John Cusack made some startling comments about Hollywood. “The culture just eats young actors up and spits them out,” he said, also remarking that many female actresses are looked at as menopausal once they turn thirty-years-old. He also called Hollywood “a whorehouse that makes people go mad.”

A month later he sent out a tweet calling Henry Kissinger, the notorious globalist schemer, a “mass murderer” and also retweeted a tweet by Wikileaks that contained a link to a video of Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change confronting Kissinger about the war crimes he is accused of getting away with while Secretary of State during the Nixon Administration. At the time, Cusack’s Twitter feed was filled with other posts about the CIA and the NSA’s nefarious activities and showed support for Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

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