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Sandy Hook, What Happened? RICHPLANET.NET Discussion with Dr. Kollerstrom Richard D Hall



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Publicado el 18 mar. 2013
January 2013, Here is a broad spectrum discussion of the Sandy Hook gun-free-zone massacre in the USA by observers in the UK. When is the discussion of culpability by Big Pharma and their violence causing mind altering Pharma-Narcotics going to take place? We need an Assault-Pharmaceuticals ban and criminal premeditated murder charges against the corporations for the harm they KNEW would come from manufacture of their product. Support the work of Richard D Hall. Purchase a DVD box set, book or make a simple donation at : www.richplanet.net Additional evidence of murder obsession influenced by first person murder-video games detailed in this article. www.nydailynews.com/news/national/lupica-lanza-plotted-massacre-years-article-1.1291408

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