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Here is a list of Satanic sacrificial days




December 13, 2009
Baphomet050408.gifSee also: "Children Sacrificed by Illuminati" - Defector "Mary Ann" 

by Richard Evans 

Here is a list of Satanic sacrificial days, which is accurate.  

Statistics on missing persons in the Unites States are difficult to find, but are appalling.  The following missing persons estimates are from the Kyle Fleischman Foundation: 2,300 American people are reported missing on a DAILY basis.  

"Human trafficking" is a very real and huge activity world wide. Among other uses trafficked people are a pool of victims for selection for occult human sacrifices. Mary Ann estimated tens of thousands of sacrifices routinely occur world wide on the dates on the calendar.  Best advice to the public is know where your pets and children are at all times. 

It is estimated that in 2010 over 1,000,000 missing persons will be registered with law enforcement agencies. 814,957 were registered in 2007.

Ninety per cent of missing persons do return home. Ten per cent or 100,000 do not.

As of December 1, 2007 only 105,229 missing persons cases were considered "active".
In 2007 only 15.8% of the missing persons cases registered were classified as "located" by the National Crime Information Center.

52% of  "active" cases were juveniles. 11% were considered young adults ages 18-20.

55% of missing adults are men, 40% of them white, 30% African American, 20% Latino.

Only in October of 2001 were adults made inclusive of the National Missing Children's Organizations national clearinghouse database for missing people--this was called Kristen's Law. Kristin was also a Charlotte, NC native, like Kyle.

Little legislation since Kristen's law has been initiated by the government to address the growing problem of missing adults cases in our county. No new laws have been enacted and little federal support has been given.

Satanic holiday dates change annually according to the regular calendar and differ from cult to cult
Jan 1New Year's Day Druid Feast Day15-33
Jan 7St. Winebald Daybloodanimal and/or human sacrifice and dismemberment(male, if human)
Jan 17Satanic Revelssexualoral, anal, vaginal7-17 female
Jan 20-27Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Candlemassexual and bloodoral, anal, vaginal
human sacrifice
female or child  (any age)
Jan 29St. Agnes Eve casting of spells 
Feb. 2Candlemas
(Sabbat Festival)
bloodanimal and/or human sacrifice 
Feb. 2Satanic Revelssexualoral, anal, vaginal7-17 female
Feb. 25St. Walpurgis Daybloodcommunion of blood and dismembermentany age
Mar. 1St. Eichatadtblooddrinking of human blood for strength and homage to the demonsany age (male or female)
Mar. 15,17Eides   
Mar. 20
date varies
Spring Equinox
(Sabbat Festival)
(Major fertility Sabbat)
orgiesoral, anal, vaginalany age (male or female, human or animal)
 Shrovetide - three days before Ash Wednesday
(which is a Witch Sabbat)
date variesGood Friday
Day of Passion
(death of Christ)
bloodhuman sacrificemale only
date variesEaster Eve Daybloodhuman sacrificemale or female (adult)
Apr 21-26Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim   
Apr 24St. Mark's Eve divining and herb gathering 
Apr 26 - May 1Grand ClimaxDe Meuroral, anal, vaginal
Corpus De Baahl
1-25 (female)
Apr 30Walpurgisnacht
Roodmas Day
bloodanimal and/or human sacrificeany age
 Beltane Eve (often celebrated with a festival that includes bonfires and fertility rites) - greatest Witches Sabbat   
May 1Beltane
Walpurgis Day
May Day
 Druid Fire Festival
Coven Initiations
Jun 21
date varies
Feast Day
(Summer Solstice)
orgiesoral, anal, vaginal
animal and/or human sacrifice
any age (male or female or animal)
Jul 1Demons RevelbloodDruid sexual association with demonsany age (female)
Jul 20-26Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Grand Climax   
Jul 25St. James Day gathering of herbs 
Jul 27Grand Climax (5 weeks, 1 day after summer solstice)Da Meuroral, anal, vaginal
human sacrifice
female (child or adult)
Aug 1Lammas Day
(Sabbat Festival)
bloodanimal and/or human sacrificeany age (male or female)
 (Feast of Sun God, Harvest seasons begin)   
Aug 3Satanic Revelssexualoral, anal, vaginal7-17 (female)
Aug 24St. Bartholomew's Day
(Great Sabbat and Fire festival)
 large herb gathering 
Sep 7Marriage to the Beastsexualsacrifice, dismembermentinfant - 21 (female)
Sep 21Midnight Hostblooddismemberment and hands removed for Hand of Glory(female)
Sep 22
date varies
Feast Day
(fall equinox)
orgiesoral, anal, vaginalany age
Oct 13 - 30Preparation for all Hallows Eve, Samhain (Halloween)
Abduction, holding and ceremonial preparation of individual for human sacrifice
(13 -Backward Halloween Date)
Oct 28-30Satanist High
(Holy Day related to Halloween)
bloodhuman sacrifice each dayany age (male or female)
Oct 30-31All Hallows Eve and Halloween Nightblood and sexualsexual climax, association with the demons, animal and/or human sacrificeany age (male or female and/or animal)
Nov 1Satanist High
(Holy Day related to Halloween)
bloodhuman sacrificeany age (male or female)
Nov 4Satanic Revelssexualoral, anal, vaginal7-17 (female)
Dec 22Winter Solstice
(Sabbat Festival)
(Feast Day)
orgiesoral, anal, vaginalany age (male or female, human or animal)
Dec 24Demon RevelsDa MeurHigh Grand Climaxany age (male or female, human and/or animal)
 Christmas EvebloodReceive body parts as Christmas giftsinfant male


- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/here_is_a_list_of.html#sthash.RUexMD3o.dpuf

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