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The Satanic Calendar and it's Major Feast Days - Angelfire




  The Satanic Calendar
Methods: They work underground and are difficult to catch. They use children to do the recruiting in schools and colleges. In 1993 it was announced in the media that the Church of Satan would begin accepting enrollment from elementary and high schools. There are women in the Church who are called breeders who are used for the purpose of producing children for leadership.

Rituals: Rituals are on Halloween and walpurgissnacht. They distribute children for these rituals by the thousands each year. These two rituals are the most deadly. Rituals are held at night in dark black rooms with pentagrams about the altar and on the floor. Their rituals consist of chanting, drinking blood from victims to enhance more power for themselves. They practice baptism by immersing in blood or vinegar.

Teachings: They believe in self indulgence, spiritualism, magic, astrology, satanic doctrine, mind control, vampirism, warlocks, werewolfism, and the extermination of the lower class people. It is to be noted that in southern California the sensational kidnapping of 5 children were grouped in the several days immediately preceding the dates when children of such age groups were required for the specific rituals each Satanic Holiday.

***Date Celebrated _ Type _Usage __Age***

Jan 1-7 Winebald Day Blood Animal or Male Human sacrifice

Jan 17 Satanic Revels Sexual Oral/Anal Female 7-17yrs

Feb 2 Candlemas Sexual Oral/Anal 7-17yrs

Mar 2-3 St. Eichatadt Blood Drinking of Female Blood for 7-18yrs, Strength, Homage to Satan.

March 20 Feast Day Orgies Homage to Satan

April 30 Walpurgis Blood Blacksabbath Female Human Sacrifice, Infant

May 1 Beltanc Blood Human Sac. Infant

June 21 Major Feast Day, Orgies & Female Blood Human Sacrifice of Infant

Jul 1 Revel, Blood, sexual Females, any age, association with a Demon, Diana Goddess

Aug 1 Lammas Sexual Satanic Male or Summer Female, Goddess sacrificed

Aug 3 Satanic Revels Blood Human or Male or Animal Sacrifice Female

Sept 7 Marriage to Blood Mid Blacksabbath F-18yrs the Beast, Satan Sexual Sacrifice & Dismemberment

Sept 20 Midnight Host Blood Dismemberment Female 7-17 Hands Planted yrs

Sept 22 Feast Day Orgies Fall/Autumn Equinox

Oct 31 All Hollow's Blood Feast of thedead M or F Sacrifice Human Child to Adult 7-18yrs

Dec 22 Winter Solstice Blood Human Sac. M-F Infant

Dec 24 Demon Revel Da Mar High Grand M or F

Dec 25 Ancient Sun God, Mithra's (Lucifer's) Day In Druidism, Lucifer is represented by a Pine Tree


------Council of 13------

Order of the Golden Dawn Hell Fire Club
Order of The Templars Order of Elect Cohens (Ordo Templi Astarte)
Order of Baeds,Dyates, Dauids Order of the Cubic (Wicca) Stone
Order of The Siivar Star Order of Rose of Ruby (Masons, Odd Fellows & Cross of Gold Rosecrusions) 

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