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911 Building #7



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Latest 911 information out on the building #7 issue.
This is not the twin towers this is WTC #7 the 3rd building that not many are aware of.

Watch the video below Phil Hayton and Jane Standley of the BBC report building WTC#7 the Solomon Bro's building collapsing 20 minutes before it collapsed, then read the latest breaking news below the video. 

Not many still after all these years know about build 7, so if you don't know about it here is the info to know and make others aware of.

There is no way to despute this evidence of prior knowledge, and there is alot more than this.

Remember, no plane hit this building

Phil Hayton and Jane Standley of the BBC report building WTC#7 the Solomon Bro's building collapsing 20 minutes before it collapsed with it in the background while they are reporting it.


BBC Anchor Who Reported on WTC7 Collapse Early Agrees There May Be a ‘Conspiracy’

Aaron Dykes 

Jones Report 

April 25, 2008 


Members of We Are Change UK questioned ex-BBC reporter Phil Hayton about the early reporting of WTC 7’s collapse during a speaking appearance.

Hayton failed to recollect even being in the studio on the day of 9/11– at first– but then recalls the situation when it is described in detail, including the actions of Jane Standley, who reported the collapse some 26 minutes in advance with WTC Building 7 still visible in the background.

"A lot of eyebrows were raised," We Are Change reporters point out in summary, because many saw it as a clear controlled demolition, including a number of engineers.

Hayton responded, pointing out that he was not aware of the situation with WTC 7. "This sounds so significant– I’m just amazed I didn’t know about this… This is completely news to me."

"So, is there no official explanation?" Hayton further probed.

We Are Change continues to explain the delayed NIST report on WTC 7 as well as the response from a BBC editor who claimed 9/11 tapes were "lost" in a ‘cock-up.’

"I sense that you think there’s a conspiracy here– but you might be right," Hayton concluded.

On a previous occasion, We Are Change UK reporters contacted Jane Standley by phone about the telling incident. Standley, unlike Hayton, was not surprised by the revelation, but became uncomfortable and hurriedly ended the conversation, only commenting that she had been "harassed" about the situation already.

Surely, it is clear that neither Standley nor Hayton were ‘in on a conspiracy’– rather they were used and fed information. However, Hayton seems willing to admit it while Standley has thus far been unable to answer for the suspicious incident ahead of the unexplained collapse.

The suspicion surrounding early media reporting of WTC7’s collapse– which Aaron Brown of CNN also announced– only exacerbates the demolition apparent that many police, fire fighters and other emergency workers were told about in advance and which many other news anchors described as being like a ‘deliberately destroyed’ building.

Further, WTC lease holder Larry Silverstein said that the building was "pulled" and rescue worker Kevin McPadden has reported hearing a countdown to Building 7’s demolition.

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