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Building 7 - More than 9-11 Truth from Wellington, NZ



Building 7

Building 7, WTC 7, aka “The Solomon’s Building” was the third building to be destroyed on September 11th 2001. It was a 47 story high steal frame building, and would be the very first steal frame building to collapsed due to fires in 100+ years of steal frame high rise construction, if there was no doubt into the cause of its rapid demise.
Building 7, Twin Towers site map
New Zealander’s know that poor design, greed, and earthquakes caused the tragic collapse of both the CTV building and the PGG building in the Canterbury earthquake of 2011.
The pictures below compare the known collapses in Christchurch to the alleged collapse of Building 7 close to the Twin Towers on 911.
compare earthquake damage to 911 Building 7
Bellow are three prima facia examples of high rise office fires that did not result in collapse, and then those fires of Building 7, which are sited by the media to be the cause of collapse.
Where is the integrity of the news reporters, engineers, architects… whom know that there are glaring flaws in the NIST report into the collapse of Building 7, but fail to point them out?
Are those that promote the “conspiracy theory” meme i.e. conflating unrelated events together themselves guilty of perverting the course of justice by preventing open debate and analysis? Do you know someone whom does this? If so, is about time that their integrity gets put to the test?

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