building 7
What Do You Believe?
Preface:  Americans have learned in the past decade that our government lied to us about:
- The case for war against Syria (and see this)
- Its involvement in false flag terror in Iran in the 1950s
- Pervasive spying by the NSA
But do Americans think that the government lied about 9/11?
A new poll shows that they do. At least about World Trade Center Building 7.
We’re not talking about the Twin Towers … although Building 7 was part of the same complex. No planes hit Building 7, no one was killed when Building 7 fell, no wars were launched on the basis of Building 7, and no civil rights were lost because of the destruction of Building 7.
In other words, Building 7 is a “safe topic” we can discuss without heated emotion. And numerous high-level architects and engineers have already debunked the government’s claims.
Following is a press release from ReThink911 and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth – a group of more than 2,000 architects and engineers – concerning a new poll by YouGov.
How would you answer the poll questions?
On the 12th anniversary of 9/11, a new national survey by the polling firm YouGov reveals that one in two Americans have doubts about the government’s account of 9/11, and after viewing video footage of World Trade Center Building 7’s collapse, 46% suspect that it was caused by a controlled demolition. Building 7, a 47-story skyscraper, collapsed into its own footprint late in the afternoon on 9/11.
The poll was sponsored by ReThink911, a global public awareness campaign launched on September 1. The campaign includes a 54-foot billboard in Times Square and a variety of transit and outdoor advertising in 11 other cities, all posing the question, “Did you know a third tower fell on 9/11?
Among The Poll’s Findings:
  • 38% Of Americans Have Some Doubts About The Official Account Of 9/11, 10% Do Not Believe It At All & 12% Are Unsure About it;
  • 46% Nearly 1 In 2, Are Not Aware That A 3rd Tower Collapsed On 9/11. Of Those Who Are Aware Of Building 7′s Collapse, Only 19% Know The Building’s Name;
  • After Seeing Video Footage Of Building 7′s Collapse:
  • 46% Are Sure Or Suspect It Was Caused By Controlled Demolition, Compared To 28% Who Are Sure Or Suspect Fires Caused It & 27% Who Don’t Know (In Other Words, More People Think Controlled Demolition Than Believe The Government’s Narrative)
  • By A Margin Of Nearly 2 To 1, 41% Support A New Investigation Of Building 7′s Collapse, Compared To 21% Who Oppose It
30-Second Video Shown To 1,194 Survey Respondents:
“The poll shows quite clearly what we already knew. Most people who see Building 7’s collapse have trouble believing that fires brought it down,” said Richard Gage, a member of the American Institute of Architects and founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, the campaign’s major sponsor. “It simply doesn’t look like a natural building collapse, and that’s because all the columns have been removed at once to allow it to come down symmetrically in free-fall. The evidence of controlled demolition is overwhelming. As more and more people learn about Building 7, public demand for a new investigation grows. People want the truth.”