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BBC Reported Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early, TWICE!



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Part I: BBC World reports the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building (WTC 7) while it is clearly still standing outside the window behind the reporter (tall building on the right). They also give a time reference that is 23 minutes before the actual collapse. As the reporter keeps talking to the studio anchor and the time approaches the actual collapse, her feed cuts out to the BBC studio (approx. 5 minutes before).
Part II: In the BBC's explanation for their 23 minute advance warning of the Salomon Brothers Building (7 WT) collapse, they said that they cannot make any determinations regarding the broadcast because they have "lost" the footage. They went on to specifically mention BBC News 24 as the only remaining footage, but said that it did not clear matters up either way.
This is the BBC News 24 clip--notice the time stamp. A quick check of World Time Zone shows that the time shown: 21.54 on September 11, 2001 is British Summer Time, which is exactly 5 hours later than Eastern Time (NY). The time stamp reveals that this was being broadcast at 9:54 pm in the UK--4:54 pm in New York. The official time of collapse for the Salomon Brothers Building was 5:20 pm. In trying to explain the BBC World advance notice of collapse (23 min.), they inexplicably led people to the News 24 footage which reported the collapse 26 min. in advance of the actual collapse.
Now given that BBC World, BBC News 24, and CNN all reported the collapse well ahead of time, the question is: Who fed them the information ahead of time?
Also see footage of CNN predicting collapse close to an hour early:

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